Getting Ready: New  Software Tomorrow 

Okay so tomorrow (Tuesday, the 13th) some significant updates are coming out to the Apple devices you use everyday bringing with it some excellent new features and refinements. These are major version updates so they will take longer to download and install. Here is what is coming and what you should do to get ready. 

  • iOS 10 (iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch)
  • Watch OS3

iOS 10 

  1. You will need to connect to Wifi 
  2. You should have a recent iCloud backup (hopefully you are backing up automatically each night)
  3. Know your Apple ID and Password for iCloud AND iTunes if they’re different. 
  4. Plug in your iPhone (not necessary if battery level is high enough, but I recommend anyway)
  5. To get the update once it is released go to Settings->General->Software Update
  6. After install is complete, go to the App Store and do all your App updates. 

Watch OS 3 (I would do after iPhone)

  1. Place Apple Watch on charging puck
  2. Open Apple Watch App on your iPhone 
  3. Go to General->Settings-> Software Update

If you have questions, simply ask in the comments below. 

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 Thoughts on New Apple Products

Apple Watch:

I should say going in, I was most excited about the new Apple Watch. I currently have the Stainless Steel “Gen 1” and seven different bands, but there was a checklist of things I said ahead of time if Apple addressed, I would be compelled to upgrade. Those items were:

  • Better Water Resistance for swimming, the beach etc… I just really never want to take my watch off.
  • Dedicated GPS – I am an active runner and I like to hike and mountain bike so being able to track with very high accuracy and make the most of third party Apps that use GPS just makes so much sense even without the need to have the iPhone.
  • Better display – This was not a big deal for me as the current display is pretty great, but there are times in high sunlight that it can be harder to read so this was a want more than a must.
  • Finally and most importantly, I wanted it to be fast. I wanted the watch to be not just faster but a lot faster.  Instant responsiveness. Watch OS 3 is going to help with this on all the  existing models as it is, but the new Chipset combined with the new software should make all the difference especially when using Siri and third party apps.

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Today’s The Day: New iPhones, Watches, Software and More!

You can watch it live at the link below from any device or on your Apple TV

  Event Link

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Apple News Today: Tuesday 

As Samsung burns:

  • Apple is reportedly boosting component orders ahead of iPhone 7 launch Via Apple Insider
  • iPhone 6S best selling smartphone in the US and worldwide. The iPhone SE in 3rd. Via 9to5Mac
  • Apple Watch Stainless Steel models now all sold out at Apple ahead of Apple Watch 2 Launch Via 9to5Mac
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Apple News Today: Labor Day Weekend 

So all weekend long there have been last minute rumors and possible leaks regarding all the things Apple will announce this week, but I love the surprise as much any Apple fan so I am not reading them at this point or linking to them and looking forward to Wednesday at 1:00 PM EST for the big Keynote event. 

I will post some other information that I think can be valuable tomorrow before the event so you too can enjoy it from anywhere you may be on Wednesday. 

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Apple News Today: Friday

  • Just in time for September Keynote, Apple launches official Twitter account. @Apple
  • Apple Campus 2 Construction Update  Video
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Apple News Today: Thursday 

  • Tim Cook speaks on EU Tax decision – ‘total political crap’ Via Apple Insider
  • Apple may begin repatriation of some of it foreign cash as early as 2017 Via WSJ
  • Wireless Airpods as an option in upcoming iPhone 7? Via Apple Insider
  • Apple Watch 2 Components show thinner display, larger battery Via 9to5mac
  • New Apple Beats Headphones leaked ahead of launch of iPhone? Via 9to5Mac
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