Thoughts on New Apple Products

Apple Watch:

I should say going in, I was most excited about the new Apple Watch. I currently have the Stainless Steel “Gen 1” and seven different bands, but there was a checklist of things I said ahead of time if Apple addressed, I would be compelled to upgrade. Those items were:

  • Better Water Resistance for swimming, the beach etc… I just really never want to take my watch off.
  • Dedicated GPS – I am an active runner and I like to hike and mountain bike so being able to track with very high accuracy and make the most of third party Apps that use GPS just makes so much sense even without the need to have the iPhone.
  • Better display – This was not a big deal for me as the current display is pretty great, but there are times in high sunlight that it can be harder to read so this was a want more than a must.
  • Finally and most importantly, I wanted it to be fast. I wanted the watch to be not just faster but a lot faster.  Instant responsiveness. Watch OS 3 is going to help with this on all the  existing models as it is, but the new Chipset combined with the new software should make all the difference especially when using Siri and third party apps.

The great news now post event is Apple nailed ALL FOUR! Some wanted more battery, (which it has actually, but it’s a wash to offset power requirements of the new chipsets/GPS) but I have never really understood this. I usually end each day with heavy use at 40% or greater battery life. I charge it each night when I hit the sack and if I do an early morning run, I will often toss is back on the charging puck while I shower and get ready. No issues whatsoever and so easy with how it charges by simply laying it down in the dock.

So will I get the new watch? Definitely. Which will I get? I really don’t know. Because I have the Stainless Steel now, I have the desire to mix it up and try out the Ceramic model, but that is not cheap, and quite honestly I really like the Stainless Steel ability to pair with almost every band. I change my bands ALL THE TIME. So for the new Apple Watch, I will have to wait to order until I can go in and see them in person.

New iPhone 7, 7 Plus

Preordering the iPhone 7 for both my wife and I tonight. Going with the 7 and not the Plus in the 128GB configuration. I am 90% sure I am going with Black, and my wife Silver. The Jet Black is GORGEOUS, but I am nuts about fingerprints and I think keeping that thing shiny will kill my daily productivity. Obviously with a finish like that, it will also be more prone to scratches etc, but that just gives it character. No big deal. Smudges though, I have a hard time with smudges.

Now I am coming from the 6S and my wife has the 6. I am already on the Apple Trade In Plan and my wife will be as of this year. We both will likely continue to trade up each year. While the 7 Plus has some appeal, and the camera is at another level, one handed use is just too imporant to me. In fact if they came out with a 7 in the 4″ model but with all the same features as the new 7, I may have given it a whirl. But without a doubt the 7 Plus is an amazing device.


I despise wires. These AirPods look like they will finally free me of wires for good. The case it comes with is genius. The way they pair to the devices solves so many of the existing niggles of the current Bluetooth offerings and for my runs especially, I cannot wait to use them.

So that is my quick take. Apple continues to push the technology forward and refine the whole experience in such great ways, and so for that Apple keeps me coming back for more.

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