Yeah, about AT&T’s new “boosted” data plans…

Okay so a quick comment about a news item that hit today presumably to drum up business for AT&T in time for the new iPhones being launched in mid-September. 

So the new plans offer a bit more data at slightly reduced price points, but is it really anything to get excited about? 

Here’s the deal in my own situation. I have 2 iPhones and 1 iPad on my AT&T plan. We share 7GB of monthly data. We pay $75/month for the data portion of the plan plus $15 for each iPhone to have access and $10 for the iPad. With this new “boosted” plan, I can get 6GB of shared data for $60 bucks, (a $15/month savings) and lose 1GB of data each month, but actually I really am only saving $5/month. This is because my access per device fee just went up for the two iPhones from $15 to $20, and I am not sure that is all because the iPad access fee may go up as well negating any savings whatsoever and costing me 1GB of shared data in the process. 😒

Okay, more on this once I read over the released plan details and chat with my local store. But seriously, double check the numbers before you get too excited about the “boosted” data plans. 🤔

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