New Apple Smart Battery Case


Image: Apple

So today my Apple Smart Battery Case arrived. Ordered it late morning on Monday when they became available and it arrived this morning, Wednesday, just less than 48 hours later with free shipping. I paid with Apple Pay on my iPad so the transaction took all of 30 seconds, which included finding the case, adding it to my bag and paying for it with my thumbprint. Seamless is an understatement.

About the case and my intentions in buying it. First let me say, I have never owned a battery case before now. They always added too much bulk, weight, seemed like a pain in the ass to put on and off and frankly did not look great. Apple’s looks very nice, (bulge and all), and feels great. It is not too heavy and goes on and off with ease. It’s the perfect solution to the rare times I will use it.

So will I use it everyday? Of course not. I keep my iPhone in the nude as I feel it was intended to be carried every single day. I do have Apple’s Leather Case for very unique circumstances, (concerts, sporting events, or if I feel I will be in a crowded tight space where some drunk Android owner may bump into me and knock the iPhone out of my hand), but this is less than 10% of the time. The battery case is NOT going to change this.

I get plenty of battery life out of my iPhone 6s on most days. If I am using Apple Maps a lot, shooting a lot of video, Tweetbotting, whatevs, I may top it off when convenient, but really the battery is rock solid. That said, there are times when a battery case could come in handy and this one fits the bill perfectly. Classic example was at the Foo Fighters 4th of July concert at RFK this year. I was there all damn day with no access to a charger, shooting a ton of videos, taking pics, tracking friends that I was meeting up with etc. and nursing the battery the best I could. With the battery case, problem solved.

I could also see this on days where the family and I are out all day on long hikes or in DC walking around and I simply want to know I can push the services of the iPhone and not be out of battery before getting home that night. Anyone knocking the design of Apple’s case is in my opinion clueless or one of the usual, instabashers of all things Apple. It looks better by far than anything else out there, and it fills a very specific need. I among many others, love the size and weight of the current 6s in the hand and am glad Apple did not make it thicker and heavier so the average user can go days without charging. How hard is it to charge your damn iPhone at night?

The Apple Battery Case also does a nice job keeping it simple and clean with a single LED on the inside for its charge status (no awful lights glowing on the outside) and with an added built-in antenna, Apple made sure your signal stays strong when using it.

Well done Apple! I highly recommend, and I will be gifting a few of these just in time for the holidays! You can buy it HERE for $99.00



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